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Protrader – June 2019 Market Wrap

XJO Up 223 All-time high within reach. Following from the volatility that we saw in May the XJO appeared to be repeating the pattern for the month of June, with the 3rd producing a 70 + point drop after China announced imports tumbled suggesting a weakening domestic economy. However, this appeared to be a turning point as bargain-hunting buying piled in, and with support from the mining sector with Iron Ore up 70% for the 18/19 yr, and gold reaching the highest level

Incidental Charting #1

The ability to find stocks that are rising is one of the key features of ProTrader Web – our share market charting software and in order to help you to utilise the software to its full potential, we are introducing a blog series called “Incidental Charting”. In these posts, we will utilise various scans over a period of time and discuss/post some of the results. The XAO has been range bound for the last 3-4 months between 5850 and 5700. This