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February 2020 Market Wrap

XJO Down 576. Coronavirus Infects the Market   The Australian market, started the month with the biggest drop of the year, following Shanghai’s lead which dropped 7.7% around growth concerns related to the corona virus. However initial fears then subsided with the Australian market finding stability in the commodities sector XJR/XMM, and the renewed confidence returning to the financials Index XFJ.  The market then proceeded to test new all time highs, with 10 of the next 13 trading days being positive. A series of strong earnings reports

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Ep. 32: Well, this is the Stock Market

Long time member Sam discusses the current market correction. Stocks discussed: ASIA, QRE, MOAT, DRUG, HIL, PPH, ALL, APX, TWLO, PEGI, DXCM, AVZ, A2m, ZM

Stock Market Analysis - February 2020

Ep. 31: Ego Kills – Breakout Wednesday

Long time member Sam chats about why having an ego is a killer for traders, and runs through his ASX and USA watchlists. Stocks discussed: ASX: ABR, AEF, APX, BRV, AUT, CGL, FMG, FHS, HIL, GLN, KCN, KMD, SOM, MAH, MGC, MLX, OCC, APZ, TLX, TYR, UWL USA: BABA, CGEN, COUP, SHOP, INBK, CRWD, KMX, NG, PETS, RH, TNDM, V, ZM

PRU - Perseus Mining Stock Market Report

PRU – Perseus Mining Ltd

PRU – Perseus Mining Ltd has been in a long uptrend and has now formed an ascending triangle with resistance at $1.20.  Low volume and increasing on balance volume adds to the confirmation of a break of this level, it should continue the uptrend.

Stock Market Watchlist 2020

My Current Watchlist: Breakout Wednesday Ep. 30

Long time member Sam goes through his current watchlists of ASX and NASDAQ stocks.   Stocks discussed: ASX: APX, BRV, SPX, CGL, XRO, ALL, FHS, FMG, MGC, SOM, SPZ, TYR, ABR, APT, AUT, HIL, KCN, SOM, VMT, ILU, BOQ, CT1 USA: AAPL, ZM, CIEN, TNDM, PCOM, DCPH, GLAD, INBK, T, V, VOYA

Stock Market Report January 2020

Protrader – January 2020 Market Wrap

Protrader - January 2020 Market Wrap XJO up 333. Hitting all time Bulls in Control   The Australian market, building on a consolidation that had been developing since October 2019, had it’s best January in 30 years, with the ASX rising a phenomenal 5.2%. From the 1st trading day of the month, till the 20th of Jan, the market went up for 13 sessions (only down twice) and in the process creating 7 new all time high’s, breaking through the 7000 mark on the 16th,

Stock Market Breakout Review February 2020

Big Picture Look: Breakout Wednesday Ep. 29

Long time member Sam discusses the NASDAQ and ASX stock markets. Starting with an overview of some of the main ETFs and commodities. Ending with a few trade set-ups Stocks discussed TSLA, HACK, TECH, ASIA, QRE, CT1, BOQ, ILU, APT, APX, TWLO, TNDM