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Stock Market preparation - April 2020

Ep 40: Preparing for the Next Rally

Long time Protrader member Sam chats about Short term trade, taking profits, and cutting losses like a professional trader. Stock Markets discussed: ASX, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq. Stocks Discussed: ASX: AGN, AGG, CQE,CXO,NIC,RMD

VCP Stock Trading and Darvas Trading

Episode 39: VCP Trading, Darvas, & Ignoring News

Long time Protrader member Sam continues his video blog through the markets. Stocks discussed: AXGT, AMZN, PDN, NFLX, TSLA, PBH, GAL, BBIO, CQE, DCC, GTK, MRNA, NIC, PGF, TNDM, ZS, EXL, CTD. ALXN, HUB, BUB, ASMB, MMM, AUPH, GXY, S32, WZR, ZM, AC8, AXGT, CTD, EXL, HEES, OPT, LSH, PBH

FANG ETF - Easter Stock market review

Pro Trader Easter Update

XAO – The All Ordinaries hit an all time high on the 20th Feb 2020 at 7289. A mere 22 trading days later the All Ords traded as low as 4229, a fall of 3060 points or 41 percent.  With current levels around 5350 the index is currently around 26 percent from the peak and very close to 26 percent from the low. So, in the words of the song from Steeler’s Wheel, “here I am, stuck in the middle with

Stock Trading ASX ProTrader Software

Ep.37: Set-Ups Emerging, a Walk Through my Watchlist

Long time member Sam runs through his watchlist. Stocks discussed: ADMA, ALXN, ATU, BBIO, BCEL, BET, BUB, CCOI, CIM, COUP, CRTX, CTD, CTXS, CVN, DOCU, FB, FLIC, FNHC, HACK, GEAR, FSTR, FUEL, HUB, KAR, LLC, MCD, MDT, MGR, MMM, PYC, QDEL, RGEN, ZM, SGM, SWM, TDOC, TNK, WZR