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Ep. 45 Set-up City

Note: This is a video blog, not financial advice. Stocks discussed: APT, ARU, MEU, CR1, KWR, ABMD, CIM, DXB, E25, GSS, MIN, NEU, NTO, PDN, SFR, ZNO, SPOT, TSLA, CSBR

Stock Market Trading Software Training Mode

ProTrader Stock Market Training Mode

Pro Trader’s best kept secret – Training Mode. Learn how to use Technical Analysis, fine-tune your trading Plan, how to utilise Stop Losses. Most importantly how to identify correlations between TA Signals and share price movements. Mastering the art of identifying successful entry & exit points.

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Leading Stocks & a Glance at the Orderbook

Note: This is a video blog, not financial advice. Long time member Sam chats about NASDAQ and ASX stocks in his weekly video blog. Stocks discussed: APT, ARU, MEU, CR1, KWR, ABMD, HACK, FMG, AMZN, CBA, JPM.

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The Definitive Higher High, Higher Low Setup

The longer a person has been involved in the stock market, the more you will observe similarities in charts, human behaviour, price movement, booms and busts. One classic observation for me has been the continuous types of formations that occur during the recovery stage following a savage downturn in prices. In particular I have observed the similarity in the bottoming action that occured after the 1987 market crash, the Tech Wreck, the global financial crisis in 2008/9 and that which is occurring during

Best Daily Stock Market Analysis

Pro Trader Daily Scan Routine

When one first starts to use the Pro Trader Software, it can appear a little overwhelming, however, one of the great aspects of the Pro Trader Software is it can be as complicated, or as simple as you chose.

Market Analysis Order Placement& Strategy

Ep 41: Order Placement, Strategy & Set-ups

Long time member Sam continues his weekly video blog through the markets.   Topics discussed: – Order placement – Short term trading strategy – Position trading strategy – A look at last weeks trades and my current watchlist Stocks discussed: A4N, AGG, CXO, NIC, PIC, AJM, DYL, CQE BBIO, RVNC, WMK, SHOP, DRD, MRSN, VERI, WORK