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What many people don’t know is that over the past century, the stock market has consistently provided better returns than any other investment class, including property.

A big advantage of shares over other investments is liquidity. Shares can be easily converted to cash. This gives the investor the ability to react quickly to any opportunities that may arise.

What’s it all about?

One of the problems for anyone unfamiliar with investing on the stock market is finding out what is involved. The good news is that it is a very simple process. Opening a stock broking account is as simple as opening a bank account, in fact that’s just what it is!

Once you have established your account you can move money in and out as normal, you even get normal bank interest on uninvested funds.

Once you find a stock to invest in, you use the money in this account to buy it. When the stock is sold the proceeds are deposited back into the account; that is all there is to the actual process of buying and selling shares; how simple is that?

Now all you have to do is find the right stocks to buy.

How much money do I need?

This depends on what you want to do. If you just want a better return for a small nest egg than you can get from a bank, well that should not be a problem. However, if you want to use the stock market as your primary source of income, then obviously you will need substantial funds to generate the required income level.

For example, if you only have $5000, then while we can’t say it would be impossible, it is highly unlikely that you could produce anything approaching a viable income, but you could certainly seek to supplement an existing income or grow your investment funds over time.

What are the risks?

With any investment decision there is an inherent element of risk; without risk there can be no reward.

However, you will learn to calculate and manage the risk so that you know exactly what’s involved BEFORE you invest. Calculated risk management is what professional investing is all about; it is what the pros do every time.

But is it just gambling?

Investment professionals don’t like to mention the “G” word, but technically speaking any time you put your money at risk whether you buy a property or start a small business you are gambling with your money; stock market investing is no different. Anyone who says otherwise is not being straight with you!

Your alternative is to leave your money in the bank with “no risk” but let inflation, fees and low interest rates reduce its value over time. Remember a broking account is just a bank account so you will still get your bank interest anyway.

Is it hard to learn?

Trading is a simple process, successful trading is not.

The actual trading process is simple, so all you need to do is find the right investments. Surprisingly, this is also a simple process, once you know how. Most novice traders are amazed at how easy it is to find strongly rising stocks.

However, this is only half the problem, the key to consistently successful share trading is planning and managing the trade. Knowing what to buy, how much to pay, how to minimise risk, and most importantly when to take the profit or loss and exit the trade. This is where your planning pays off.

Once you know how to plan, everything else just falls into place. The pros meticulously plan every trade. We can show you how this is done – it is much easier than you think.

Do I have to sit at a computer all day?

You’ve probably seen people on TV or in movies trading online watching the stock price movements live on a computer screen. These people are known as “Day Traders”. Day trading is only one method of trading and one that we do not promote; it’s just too hard – lot’s of fun, but very demanding on your time.

Pro Trader promotes “End of Day” trading which is where you do all your analysis and if possible place your orders when the stock exchange is closed. This is much more time effective and removes the emotional elements present if you trade while the market is open.

Most Pro Trader Members spend less than a hour per day managing their share portfolios. Could you spare less than a hour a day to produce an income?

How long will it take?

Think back to when you first started to learn to drive. At first, it seemed difficult. After a short time, with practice, it became much easier until eventually, it became automatic; so it is with share trading.

If you are willing to put in the effort, within a very short time you can be trading like a professional.

Remember the process is one that is repeated again and again, that is how to build consistency – the key to profitable share trading. Eventually, the trading process will also become automatic; how long that takes is up to you.

What Now?

Professional share traders learn to grasp every opportunity when it comes along – you should do the same. Take this opportunity to find out how you can very easily be trading shares within a short time.

Simply pick up the phone and call Pro Trader or fill in the information request form. We will provide everything you need to get started – advice, training, software, and support.

Just imagine, with the right knowledge and tools you too can earn an income from the stock market.

This could be a life-changing decision that will put YOU in control of your financial future.

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