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Stock Trading Books

We stock a comprehensive range of books for stock market investors. In our view to be a successful investor you must be an educated investor. We encourage our members to read quality publications on stock market and trading topics because we believe that ‘Fortune Favours the Informed’.

Exploding the Myths

Trading to Win in Bull and Bear Markets


asx charting software

“What your Broker doesn’t know or won’t tell you!” Frank’s best-seller is a must read for anyone entering into stock market investing. Get a free chapter or order online.

The 5 Phase Trade

Profit from Trading the Spec Stocks
The 5 Phase Trade - profit from trading the spec stocks

If you have ever wanted to know the secrets of a professional Trader who can select and then accomplish a profitable short term trade then this book is for you! Available as an eBook for $10 or Booklet for $15.

Frank Watkins

12 Steps to a Profitable Trade
12 Steps to Profitable Stock Market Trade

An invaluable resource that helps guide you through creating your own trading plan. Available as an eBook for $10 or Booklet for $15.


Finding Profitable Trades Fast with ProTrader


Frank shows you how to use Pro Trader to scan the market data and recognise patterns. Get plenty of useful tips and hints on how to customise your scans.

Getting Started

in the Share Market

Pro Trader Stock Market Scanning Software
A must-read for beginners. Frank outlines what you need to start trading and valuable information needed before placing your first order.

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