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/Pro Trader: Monthly Reports
FANG ETF - Easter Stock market review

Pro Trader Easter Update

XAO – The All Ordinaries hit an all time high on the 20th Feb 2020 at 7289. A mere 22 trading days later the All Ords traded as low as 4229, a fall of 3060 points or 41 percent.  With current levels around 5350 the index is currently around 26 percent from the peak and very close to 26 percent from the low. So, in the words of the song from Steeler’s Wheel, “here I am, stuck in the middle with

trading software stock analysis - March 2020

Protrader – March 2020 Market Wrap

XJO Down 1362. Covid-19   Infects International Markets   The 576 point fall in February proved to be just the start, with March extending the longest losing streak since September 2018 (US/China Trade War) dropping another 1362 points. Domestic issues had virtually no influence on the Australian market with Covid-19 and the US (the engine of the world economy) dominating International stock market direction. Despite the Reserve bank dropping Interest rates twice in March, the 2nd drop on the 20th to a historically low .25%, and

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February 2020 Market Wrap

XJO Down 576. Coronavirus Infects the Market   The Australian market, started the month with the biggest drop of the year, following Shanghai’s lead which dropped 7.7% around growth concerns related to the corona virus. However initial fears then subsided with the Australian market finding stability in the commodities sector XJR/XMM, and the renewed confidence returning to the financials Index XFJ.  The market then proceeded to test new all time highs, with 10 of the next 13 trading days being positive. A series of strong earnings reports

Stock Market Report January 2020

Protrader – January 2020 Market Wrap

Protrader - January 2020 Market Wrap XJO up 333. Hitting all time Bulls in Control   The Australian market, building on a consolidation that had been developing since October 2019, had it’s best January in 30 years, with the ASX rising a phenomenal 5.2%. From the 1st trading day of the month, till the 20th of Jan, the market went up for 13 sessions (only down twice) and in the process creating 7 new all time high’s, breaking through the 7000 mark on the 16th,

Protrader – December 2019 Market Wrap

Stock Market Monthly Report - December 2019 XJO DOWN 179 Hope gives way to fear   The Australian market followed the US market throughout December, and considering how dependent we are on China, and international trade, is it really of any surprise. Having begun the month at just inches from all time highs the market started the month with a 2 day pull back induced by anxiety around the pending US/China trade deal causing a 250 point pull back. With very little domestic news to impact

Stock Market Trading Report November 2019

Protrader – November 2019 Market Wrap

Stock Market Monthly Report - November 2019 The Australian market found renewed strength at the start of the month, looking set to build on the consolidation seen in October. Backed by strong Australian economic data, which in turn was supported by positive International economic numbers particularly emanating from China and the US, commodities found strength, resulting with the big end of town resource stocks performing well throughout November with BHP up 6.85 %, and RIO climbing 7.2 %.  Consequently the resource sector XJR

October 2019 stock market analysis report

October 2019 Market Wrap

Protrader – October 2019 Market Wrap XJO down 25 Is the market ready to pounce?   October Stock Market Report   October began much like August with the market dropping over 250 points in the first three days settling at 6,492 on October the 3rd. However after the US/China trade talk anxiety passed, the market refocused on fundamentals, and with strong support from international commodities helping the resources sector with XMJ, XMM, & XJR Indices, all contributing to a solid 5 session rally from the 10th to

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Protrader – September 2019 Market Wrap

  XJO Up 84 month of Consolidation   The month of September started on a negative footing and looked to to be challenging the 6500 level on the the 4th. However a combination of positive domestic economic data, an earnings season that had a few surprises, some better than expected Chinese manufacturing results and a hopeful, more positive tone from both countries regarding the US- China trade negotiations propelled the market to a rally from the 5th of September to the 23rd. The high

August 2019 Stock Market Report

Protrader – August 2019 Market Wrap

XJO Down 225 Hope Springs Eternal   After hitting an all time high on the 30th of July, the XJO in line with international markets began the month of August in a state of Trump tweet induced panic, being belted the first four days of the month, and dropping 360 points with consecutive red days before recovering, moving into the middle of the month. Then things got worse, once again thanks to Trump’s tweets, combined with a bond yield curve inversion on the 15th the

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Protrader – July 2019 Market Wrap

XJO Up 165 All-time high achieved   With little negative news on the domestic front, Australia’s market initially consolidated, upon the stellar 6 months, that has seen the market gain 21% since Dec 24th, and then as July went on, creeped up to reach new all time highs, beating the previous high set Nov 1st 2007. The two underlying issues of interest, are that even though Australian equities are conceptually expensive with an avg P/E of 16.3, this level is actually justified, with $12.5