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/Pro Trader: Monthly Reports
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Protrader – August 2018 Market Wrap

Looking into the future What the rest of the year may hold XJO Prepare for severe turbulance. Up 44 points for August The Australian market was up over 44 points for the month of August and again hit a succession of new highs for the decade throughout the month. However, it was a month of extreme volatility resulting in wild 142 point swings in the market. Such volatility often accompanies markets when reaching new highs, as the market psychologically adjusts to becoming comfortable with its new

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Protrader – July 2018 Market Wrap

Has Oil got us over a barrel? XJO Continued Uncertainty Up 103 for JULY The Australian market was up over 100 points for the month of July, and actually hitting a decade high in the first week. However, once again due to conflicting concerns around potential trade wars, and domestic issues such as ASIC launching Federal court action against AMP, and pending doom, surrounding the housing market the early rally was unable to be sustained, resulting in the market losing steam, and oscillating between