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PRU - Perseus Mining Stock Market Report

PRU – Perseus Mining Ltd

PRU – Perseus Mining Ltd has been in a long uptrend and has now formed an ascending triangle with resistance at $1.20.  Low volume and increasing on balance volume adds to the confirmation of a break of this level, it should continue the uptrend.

NUH Stock Report

October: NUH – Nuheara Limited

NUH – Nuheara Limited has been in a long downtrend and looks to be now in a reversal pattern.  There are higher highs and higher lows and OBV (On Balance Volume) is mirroring this pattern perfectly. The first break of resistance was at 0.034, however a break of 0.04 could be more significant.

DCN Stock Report

September: DCN – Dacian Gold Limited

After the gap down in June this year DCN has been forming higher highs, higher lows to form a resistance at $1.10.  Due to the increase in On Balance Volume (OBV) up to the second point at $1.10 one may consider positions on the break of $1.10.  The potential target is to fill the gap at $1.55 DCN Stock Report Stops will be at $0.93

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CVN – Carnarvon Petroleum Ltd – January 2019

CVN – Carnarvon Petroleum Ltd: .36c Following the phenomenal drill results from the Dorado -1 Oil Discovery in mid-July 2018, CVN share price rocketed from .145 to a high of .69c. With the passing of time and initial interest waning, coupled with recent market consternation and volatility the share price has settled around the .33c – .36c mark. Is now the time to look at getting set for the next round of drilling? DORADO DISCOVERY The Dorado discovery is claimed to the biggest Offshore discovery in

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QRE – Australian Resources Sector ETF – December 2018

QRE is an ETF that follows the Australian Resources Sector, including such companies as BHP, RIO, WPL and S32 to name a few. Pro Trader likes the TA signals for QRE, as it’s about to break new highs and is presently marginally below the net asset value.

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Alkane Resources Limited – September 2018

Best Performance Since 2012 Gold Production 78,533 Ounces *Full yr Annual Report Profit Before Tax $31.3 m *Full yr Annual Report AISC : $ 1,002 Per Ounce *Full yr Annual Report Market Cap $118.9 m Issued 506.10 m P/E 4.9 Acquire up to.25c If you would like to discuss this report or take advantage of future opportunities, please call us on (08) 9202 3900

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SIG – Sigma Healthcare Limited – August 2018

Potential Gap Fillers!  Since the gap down in June, SIG has been accumulating and testing the 0.50 level.  Having broken through 0.50 it has now found support at this level with higher highs and higher lows. This chart is very similar to HSN and MOC, all of which are accumulating with the potential to fill the gap.

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Pro Trader – Silverlake Resources Ltd July 2018

SLR as with many gold stocks has been continuing to strengthen their balance sheet over the last 12 months. The recent successful drilling program has been seen in the share price since April. Technical Analysis : Great OBV since the 9th of May, the recent volume suggests imminent breakout. Break out:.65c STOP LOSS: .58c Please call for more info regarding conceptual STOPS AND Profit Targets. If you would like to discuss this report or take advantage of future opportunities, please call us on (08) 9202 3900

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BOT – Botanix Pharmaceuticals Ltd – May 2018

BOT – Botanix Pharmaceuticals Ltd     After a quick run up to .20c BOT retraced and found support at .11c and has been moving in a sideways direction for 4 months.  With higher lows and steady OBV, BOT has attempted to break .15c a couple of times.  A break of .15c is virtually imminent and we will be taking up positions on a break of .15c up to .155c.  Prudence advises we wait until Monday.Please call for more info regarding STOPS AND Profit