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The 50 Best Trading Tips

Background Trader or investor? Short-term or long-term? Perhaps you will address these issues prior to making your first stock market investment although that is unlikely. I imagine most people will jump into the market without any great thought given to any aspect of trading. Usually the first investment that someone makes is based on word of mouth from a well- meaning friend. No plan, no exit strategy, no idea of anything. This book is a book of trading (or investing – the

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Trading the Spec Stocks: The 5 Phase Trade

Trading the Spec Stocks: The 5 Phase Trade About the Author – Frank Watkins   Frank Watkins first traded the Australian stock market during the “Poseidon Boom” in 1969. He traded intermittently from then until 1979 when gold prices soared. In 1979 and 1980 he became very involved in the market during “The Gold Boom” and has been heavily involved since. Frank’s broking career started in Adelaide in 1986 in the commodity market. His commodity broking career continued for over ten years during which

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Darvas Box Trading

Introduction The Nicolas Darvas story is unique for many reasons. It is a true story, well documented and authenticated at the time of his interview with Time Magazine. Darvas did not have inside information or work within the financial industry, nor was he some sort of financial whiz kid; in fact, he was one half of the world’s highest paid ballroom dancing team. The difference is that Darvas was always working on the ultimate trading plan, incorporating risk management rules that would finally lead him to amass a small fortune within a

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Exploding The Myths

Exploding the Myths Trading to WIN in Bull and Bear Markets What Your Broker Doesn’t Know or Won’t Tell You! by Frank Watkins Discover how to: Avoid the costly mistakes that new-comers make Find the best buy signals, without endless research Set Stop-losses and protect your investment Frank has over 45 years of trading experience and shares his knowledge in an easy to read and understand and relate to format.

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Pro Trader Academy

Introduction Background – Trading is a twelve step process I have listed below what I believe are the twelve simple steps to trading success. These twelve points all require thought, planning and a degree of trial and error that will ultimately lead to a plan that suits your budget and your psychology. 1. Global Rules – These are rules you need before entering the market. I.E. “I will not purchase an airline stock.” 2. The Set-up – What price action