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Darvas Box Scan

Originally devised by Nicolas Darvas,the ability to scan entire markets for Darvas boxes with just a few clicks allows you to find Darvas entry points and protect your capital by using the Darvas stoploss system. This system was origi-nally designed and implemented by Nicolas Darvas who made $2.000.000 from just $20.000.
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Pro Trader Mentoring Package

Is an amazing mentoring/support package designed to help you become the successful, professional trader you always wanted to be.

What’s Included?

  • Educational Support Package
  • Professional Traders Mentoring
  • Fast, full support from 7.15am to 1.30pm
  • Access to more data and upgrades

The Market at Your Fingertips

Our stock scanner lets you to scan the market in just a few clicks to find current trading opportunities. We have specifically designed it to provide a user-friendly inter-face that is easy to learn and use. so you can focus on what’s really important. finding profitable trades.

With a host of technical scanning options and o customisable charting solutions which you will love whether you are a first time trader or Experienced. Our so-phisticated algorithms offer a blend of fundamental and technical scanning criteria allowing you to analyse various markets with the utmost precision.

Available Scanning Tools

Patterns & Events

Scanner Scan for patters to
identify entry/exit points

Indicator Scanner

Scan for indicator crosses
or breaks

Activity Scanner

Look for the most active

Darvas Box Scanner

Scanner Scan for current and past Darvas
boxes with adjustable risk levels

Candlestick Scanner

Look for candlestick

Fundamental Scanner

Look for stock stocks divided yield,
EPS, PE Ratio, Earnings yield and more.

Extended Stock Analysis Features

Our software was developed by traders for beginners and experienced traders alike.
Powerful stock analysis features include:

  • Trade Planner – Our easy to use trade planner allows you to visually plan your trades by set-ting stop losses and profit targets.
  • Training Mode – Enables you to practice trade planning by using post stock history to prac-tice entry and exit points.
  • Global Data Sets – We provide you with a host of exchanges to choose from to ensure that you can scan global equity markets from one centralised log-in.

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