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Darvas Box Trading Lesson 4

Calculating the Breakeven Level   The breakeven level is easily calculated, but some traders make the simple mistake of not including all the costs incurred in the trade. It is essential that both the entry and exit brokerage fees are included in the cost. The total cost for the trade is then:   Total trade cost = (Parcel size * stock price) + entry brokerage + exit brokerage.   For example suppose we wish to enter a trade at a price level of $1.00 with entry and

Darvas Box Trading Lesson 3

Darvas Box Trading Lesson 3   Darvas in Practice Your First Darvas Scan Scanning for Darvas boxes is simple. Select “Scan for DarvasBoxes” from the Scanning menu.   You will be presented with the Darvas scan dialogue box. Clicking “Scan” will start the scanner and in a a few seconds the result are available in the “Search Results” box.   Darvas Box Construction A Darvas Box represents a graphical trading plan. Our buy orderis placed on a break of the box top with our initial stop-loss

Darvas Box Trading Lesson 2

Darvas Box Trading Lesson 2 “Rediscovering” Darvas For many years I have tried to teach novice traders about planning and managing their trades in a disciplined fashion. I consider discipline and timing to be the essence of successful trading; enter and exit at the right time and always have a plan. My plan always includes an entry and exit strategy and a cardinal rule to never, ever, trade without a stop-loss. My own personal trading mantra is simple   “Only

The Darvas Story: A Synopsis

Lesson 1 The Darvas Story: A Synopsis Darvas the Gambler   Darvas did not set out to be a gambler; in fact he took his investing very seriously. “Darvas the gambler” is Darvas’ own description of himself once he realized that his approach to investing was no better than gambling. His story begins in November 1952 in Canada when he and his partner were asked to appear in a Canadian nightclub. Rather than pay in the normal fashion, Darvas was offered 6000 shares in